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What does Dilkara mean?

Rainbows and Hair Colours have many similarities, but it’s even deeper than that…
Julie loves the name Dilkara because it represents 4 main components…

  • Spiritually
    – to connect the product range to her heritage;
  • Visually
    – to describe range of colours and hues that are seen in an actual rainbow;
  • Emotionally
    – to unite the different skin tones that are seen within the people of the
    Aboriginal and Torres Islander peoples and;
  • Physically
    – to indicate in the tints and dyes found in the hair industry.

The Dilkara logo design incorporates popular Indigenous patterns and it brings a feel of culture to the product. Each Dilkara Australia – Original Formula product has also been given an Aboriginal to connect it to both Julie’s culture and the organic Australian bush areas and themes that have been selected for the products.

Ingredients for Dilkara Australia – Original Formula have been sourced from local Indigenous communities. Julie has chosen to work with these groups to assist them achieve authenticity behind her supply chain, and because she knows of the integrity and care that has been taken to grow and harvest these native elements.

Some of the native ingredients used in the Dilkara range include: Kakadu Plum extract, Lilly Pilly Berry, Quandong, Lemon Myrtle, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalytpus Blue Gum Oil and Native Peppermint Oil.

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